Teens Beware: Ai On The Prowl

Artificial intelligence, often referred to as Ai, is so intelligent that intelligent human beings are unintelligent enough to be hoaxed by Ai’s unintelligent, false, and misleading information.

Recently, news headlines revealed how a college professor was hoaxed by Ai. He decided to ask Ai if his students’ reports, which are required to be their own, original writing, were Ai generated. Ai responded with its discovery, informing the professor that every student in his class submitted reports that were Ai generated. As a result the professor gave each student an X, an incomplete grade, on the report.

Because the reports were such a significant portion of each student’s overall course grade, they were given a failing final grade in the course, subsequently putting graduation from college out of reach, for some. The students were later allowed to graduate when school officials learned what one student asked Ai. The student asked Ai if the professor’s own dissertation was Ai generated. Though it was impossible for the professor’s dissertation to have been Ai generated, given the fact it was written before Ai existed, Ai indicated that the dissertation was Ai generated!

How is it feasible that intelligent human beings fail to see the lack of intelligence, and the lack of wisdom, in relying on information systems based on Ai; which is a web-based visible source of information spewing information from some unseen computer, somewhere in a server data center?

This Ai computer function, which has so popularly been described and marketed as “intelligence”, is not intelligence at all. Ai is nothing more than a function of a computer. It is impossible for any computer to “think” as the human brain thinks. 

A computer can only “process” information. When a computer processes information, it is 100% reliant on the totality of the information which human beings have uploaded to the databases accessible to the computer, whether accessible by Wi-Fi, telephone land line, or mobile phone cell signal. It cannot process any information outside of the network it is connected to. In other words, a computer can not process any information from a database outside of its sphere of connectivity. No computer can stand in the wonders of a countryside meadow and spawn the independent thought, “This is incredibly beautiful!”

Image presents the picture of a beautiful sunrise filtering through the flowers of a wilderness meadow, to support the truth which the web page presents, that no computer can stand in a wilderness meadow and spawn the independent thought, “This is incredibly beautiful!”

In other words, a computer, itself, is not capable of saying or communicating the words, “In other words”, as I have just said and as you yourself can say, if the words “in”, “other”, and “words” were not included in the databases the computer has access to.


Ponder this truth.

Let it sink in.

In other words, computers do not think. In other words, at best, computers are nothing more than glorified, computer-chip-structured dictionaries and encyclopedias that process information and spit back information based on the information which humans have input into the databases they are connected to.

In other words, we are being hoodwinked into believing artificial intelligence exists, and that it actually is intelligent, when that impossibility is only possible in the minds of those who have decided to voluntarily dismiss their own intelligence in favor of non-intelligence, artificial intelligence; which is nothing more than sophisticated computer processing.

In other words, we are losing our minds when we believe the following: that something that is not, is.

Are you, you?

Can you pinch yourself? Of course you can. Give it a try.

Your are you.

Can Ai pinch itself? No, because there’s no itself to pinch.

In other words, Ai, really isn’t artificial intelligence. If it can’t think, it is not intelligence.

In other words, Ai is absentminded intelligence.

Image presents the cartoon picture of a beaver atop a bathroom counter top, brushing his teeth in the mirror, with a picture hanging on the wall that says, "Are you, you?", to support the web page's message about artificial intelligence's ability to provide inaccurate information.